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The Online Exhibit is Live

Join us May 3rd for the Middle School/High School opening

online payment

Please be sure to submit the online form with all of your information via google forms, and email the completed Online Registration Summary to

Jillian Murphy  at


This form no longer accepts submissions.

Thanks for submitting!


  • March 18 through April 3 - open window for online submissions

  • April 15 - publish site to teachers (error check)  Exhibition Link

  • April 17 - publish site to public  Exhibition Link

  • April 18/19 - Jury show

  • April 22 - Announce awards

  • April 29 - High School/Middles School art drop-off @ zoneFIVE

  • April 30 - Hang HS/MS

  • May 3 - HS/MS Art Opening @ zoneFIVE

  • May 8 - HS/MS art pick-up @ zoneFIVE        and ES art drop-off @zoneFIVE

  • May 10 - ES Art Opening @zoneFIVE

  • May 15 - ES art pick-up @zoneFIVE




  • Schools may submit 8 pieces per art teacher (K-12).

  • Entries will be submitted and juried ONLINE. Artwork awarded First Place and Best in Show will be exhibited at ZoneFive.


  • All works must be original in concept and presentation; not copies from any source or made from kits, molds, dye cuts, overhead projected images, tracings, magazines or ditto patterns.

  • Because entries will be published online, the show coordinator reserves the right to exclude entries that violate copyright law. Teachers, check your entries! ZoneFIVE will not be held responsible for litigation. Refer to the Copyright Policy for guidance.

  • Artwork demonstrates the understanding of the use of the elements of art, principles of design to create visual interest, content and craftsmanship. As a public entity, the exhibition committee reserves the right to exclude work with content that violates Board Policy. Refer to the Controversial Issues Document 

Be sure to submit your images as  JPEG images with Student Name_Title_Teacher Last Name_School.

Juried artwork that is awarded 1st Place and Best In Show will be displayed at Zone Five. ZoneFIVE will host separate opening receptions for the secondary and elementary shows. Please encourage your students to honor their accomplishment by attending their opening!


The gallery opening and exhibitions will be at:


1902 E. Boulder St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80909


To more accurately and efficiently provide an in-person show, please allow for processing time when dropping off the artwork. Delivery and Pick-up must be made by a teacher, on the date and at the times designated. Please do not send parents or students to pick up artwork!

Registration Link: Online Registration Link (Registration window opens March 18 and closes April 3)


Payment Summary: 2 - YPAE Online Registration Summary 23-24.docx

Online Payment: This page

Artwork Labels: Yellow Labels

Copyright Information: Copyright Policy

Controversial Issues Information: Controversial Issues Document

MS/HS Category List: Category List

Terms and conditions for entry

Entry fees are non-refundable.

zoneFIVE accepts no liability for artwork selected for exhibition at zoneFIVE. Shipping, printing and framing fees are not included in entry fees.



Submissions may be used for promotional and social media use by YPAE and zoneFIVE.


As artists and educators, the YPAE team believes in the importance of teaching students to honor the work of other artists. Understanding copyright and appropriation is a part of an arts education. 

We value originality above all else, and this means no awards can be given to work that is not your own. So before entering any work in a show, make sure it adheres to the plagiarism and copyright guidelines set forth by the NAEA Alliance of Young Artists and Writers.

Work that is submitted to the Young People’s Art Exhibition must be original work created by the student. If a submitted work is found to have been copied from another artist, the work will be removed from the exhibition and awards will be rescinded. 

Educators and students are responsible for educating themselves on copyright and plagiarism issues. This page is only a guide. There is no formula for creating an original work. 

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers uses the following definitions for Copyright: 

Copyright is a form of legal protection prohibiting others from copying one’s creative work without permission. A copyright is a property right. Copyright law grants the creator of an original work the exclusive rights for its use and distribution. Even if you have permission to use a work or if the work is in the public domain, the work that you submit to an exhibition must represent a new, original work.

See full text of terms and conditions.

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