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zoneFIVE Studios reserves the right to cancel, combine, or reschedule classes to adjust for enrollment. If it is necessary to cancel a class for any reason, all registered participants will be informed within 48 hours of the start date given the opportunity to transfer to another class. If participants do not wish to transfer to another class, an appropriate refund will be processed.


  • A full refund can be granted if a student requests a cancellation 48 hours or more before the scheduled start of class. This request must be received during zoneFIVE Studio business hours via phone call or email.

  • We do not prorate tuition fees.

  • zoneFIVE Studios reserves the right to cancel any class if the minimum number of students is not met. A full refund or class transfer will be offered when zoneFIVE Studios cancels a class for this reason. Students will be contacted within 48 hours if a class is canceled.  

  • zoneFIVE Studios reserves the right to cancel any class due to inclement weather. A full refund, rescheduling of class, or class transfer MAY be offered but is not guaranteed.

  • Failure to attend sessions or verbal notification to the instructor will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal.

  • Checks returned are not honored for any reason and will be subject to a $15 NSF charge and subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

  • In the event that a student misses a class session due to unforeseen illness or emergency, a full or partial refund MAY be offered but is not guaranteed. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know your circumstances as soon as possible by contacting Jillian via email: or by phone at (719) 373-1105.

  • If a student decides to drop out of a class before it ends, zoneFIVE Studios will not be able to offer a full refund. In some cases, a partial refund may be offered—this is not guaranteed, but is decided on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances and the instructor.

Cancellation and Refund policy

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